Here are the top five reasons to trade with Belfrics

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When it comes to cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you may be spoilt for choice, as a plethora of bitcoin trading platforms abound. As if the complexity around cryptocurrency trading were not enough, you have got to contend with the additional complexity of shortlisting an appropriate bitcoin trading site that fulfills your expectations.
However, a mere visit to the Bitcoin portal will reveal that zeroing in on Belfrics as your choice digital currency exchange partner is a no-brainer. It includes a myriad of features that are all geared not only to make you feel at ease with digital currency trading, but also coach you and what’s more, even empower you to become your own bitcoin trading firm by way of the franchise option.
Here are the five topmost reasons that help tip the scale in Bitcoin’s favor as you try to shortlist a digital currency platform. In fact, these are the very hallmarks of any bitcoin trading portal. We pride in the fact that only Belfrics is there on the market to incorporate these that our competitors can only aspire for. Come, let us review these five in more detail:
Fair Trade
If there is one parameter that other digital platforms lack is fair and transparent trade. Here at Belfrics, we take utmost care to steer clear of this problem. We do this by matching your orders with price/time priority. We thus protect you against any counterparty risk factor as all the trading positions are fully funded.
Deep Liquidity Pool
Foremost on any investor’s mind is the extent of liquidity of btc exchange. Here at Belfrics, this is hardly a concern for you. In a unique approach, we create a deep liquidity pool by aggregating the feeds from multiple exchanges. In the process, we deliver a truly effective trade execution in every sense of the word.
Optimistic Fund Locking
Investors may not always take bitcoin trading transaction through to its full cycle and may wish to opt out of it at the last moment. We respect such sentiments and facilitate withdrawal of funds anytime before the transaction execution. Powering this market leading feature is our robust algorithm that enables this optimistic fund locking and ensures that funds are remain free for withdrawal.
Indomitable Access
Bandwidth robustness is a critical parameter that can make or break a successful transaction. This is a serious ill that afflicts most digital currency exchange platforms, preventing customers from making the most of the market either when it is rallying or liquidate the bitcoin stash when on a downslide. Thankfully, Belfrics is well insulated from this problem as we ensure DDoS resilience and fast failover via DNS failover. What’s more, our service is outage free thanks to our distributed server architecture with clustered persistence. Last but not least, our customers can access our services fast and seamlessly no matter which geography they operate from, powered by our geo IP routing.
Wallet at Its Secure Most
We provide a cryptocurrency wallet that is both remote and secure. It incorporates among other features automatic bitcoin deep storage freeze. What’s more, it even enables you to set up more than one trust holder (multi-signature wallets) with no restriction on the number of holders.

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