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Bitcoin to promote autonomy for Afghan women

By July 10, 2017 No Comments

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has not only been a profitable investment for many but is also doing its part in giving back to the society as well. Bitcoins are helping empower women in countries all over the world. In the month celebrating women, find out how Bitcoins are advocating the empowerment of Afghan women.
Life of women in Afghanistan
When Afghanistan was under the control of the Taliban, life was grim for everyone, particularly for women. They were discriminated against and marginalized. Their rights were curbed especially with respect to healthcare facilities, education and employment. Only about 3% of women had access to primary education.
There have been many positive steps taken towards improving the standards of women after the Taliban rule in 2010. However, women are not fully liberated. Many families still do not believe in educating girl children or in them finding employment. Even when women find employment, their family does not may not give them full access to their wages.
How Bitcoins are helping
To help Afghan women be independent, Code To Inspire, a not-for-profit organisation, decided to open a coding school in Afghanistan. They aimed to empower women by helping them gain financial independence. There was still the issue of women not having complete access to their income. To overcome this, CTI paid women in Bitcoins. This way, only the person who is paid has access to those Bitcoins.
Women received between $250 to $400 monthly in a time when the average annual income was $650. Getting paid in Bitcoins eliminated the need to open a bank account and, if they were underage, the need for a local guardian.
CTI aimed to eliminate gender inequality at the grassroots level. CTI graduates went on to be an asset for their families and the community. They are beginning the shift towards an empowered society.
This virtual currency is improving the standard of life for thousands of women in Afghanistan. It is being used for the greater good. Belfrics understands the power of Bitcoins and aims to let this be accessible to anyone and everyone. They provide 24/7 support and assistance to guide setting up a secure online Bitcoin wallet and to make transactions.
Be a changemaker. Invest in Bitcoins.

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