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Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoins?

By August 30, 2017 No Comments

Bitcoins are widely portrayed as the dream destination for investors. Its sharp rise from $450 per unit in May, 2016 to $3000 per unit in May, 2017 would encourage potential investors to gain the best return on investment (ROI).
The doubts, however, remain. Incidents, such as Mt. Gox bitcoin theft in 2014 and high volatility of the market are the primary factors that continue to discourage investors. Additionally, the advent of several other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, has contributed to the skepticism that in near future value of bitcoin will experience a sharp fall.
Does that mean that the best time to invest in bitcoins has passed? Let’s figure out.
Bitcoin Adoption Continues: The steady growth in the rate of bitcoin adoption implies that more merchants and enterprises are entering this domain. It translates into significant capital market investment from geographical regions, such as South-East Asia, Africa and South America where bitcoins had less or no exposure at all. Experts are of opinion that stringent monetary policies, implemented by governments and banks, are driving customers towards assets, such as cryptocurrencies that are immune to changes in the traditional market. The decentralized nature of bitcoin offers investors the opportunity to minimize the magnitude of losses that they might have suffered by investing in traditional assets.
Bitcoin Halving Continues: Unlike other investment resources that are increased when demand is on a rise, bitcoin production follows the strict protocol of introducing no more than 21 million units. Owing to this, it would be impossible to reduce the value of bitcoin units. More than 15 million units have already been launched and creation of the remaining 6 million has been kept under strict control through the bitcoin halving protocol. It implies that total number of bitcoin created and offered per block would be halved. The result would amount to growing scarcity of bitcoins and constant scaling of per unit value as demand increases. Investors, therefore, can be quite sure about receiving the best ROI if they invest now.
Bitcoin Trading is Simple: Bitcoin trading is simple. Users can purchase bitcoins via their credit or debit cards, bank accounts or PayPal account. Purchased units can be easily transferred to other users. However, it is essential that traders embrace caution while transferring bitcoins, because the transfer cannot be reversed. Unlike credit card transactions that adhere to pull mechanism, bitcoin transaction is based on push mechanism. The sender only requires recipient’s digital wallet ID to complete the transaction instead of their names, bank account or card details.
Bitcoins are Flexible: The decentralized structure of bitcoin network ensures that no one but the holder has the control over his/her money. Users do not have to worry about sending or receiving money anywhere in the world without worrying about authoritarian regulations or bank holidays. Moreover, the bitcoin blockchain allows the parties involved in a transaction to verify the details. However, these details are not connected with the personal information of respective users.
Bitcoins are Tax Free: Asset transactions are usually taxed and parties are liable to pay it to the government. Due to this, the ownership cost increases and customers receive lesser return than estimated. Bitcoin transactions cannot be tracked or intercepted by third parties, hence, offer users freedom from the liability to pay sales taxes.
The growing interest to adopt bitcoins, freedom from third party supervision, bitcoin halving protocol to keep the value high and tax-free ROI are the major reasons that make bitcoin market ripe for investments. Unlike the traditional asset markets, bitcoins won’t reach the saturation level due to the basic high demand and low supply disparity. So you can still invest today in bitcoins and enjoy guaranteed value-added returns in the long run. To start, create your secure bitcoin wallet with Belfrics today.

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