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A Stack of Key Advantages That Sets Belrium Apart

By September 13, 2017 No Comments

Belrium, the first KYC compliant blockchain, is an integral part of the Belfrics ecosystem, which is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain development companies in Asia and Afirca. The blockchain comprises a series of distinguished features that position it ahead of the competition. Unlike other blockchain systems already in existence, Belrium guarantees users the best return on investment (ROI) by reducing the on-boarding time and making KYC compliance process a seamless one. Here follows a set of key features that helps Belrium stand out from any of its competitors.

1. The First KYC Compliant Blockchain

The regulations associated with KYC compliance tend changing frequently. However, due to these changes and implementation of newer regulatory measures, companies experience high customer on-boarding time, which not only slows down productivity but also leads to lower customer retention. Belrium’s secure, highly personalizable and decentralized ecosystem enables organizations in eliminating repetitive KYC compliance related tasks. It means quicker customer on-boarding, more productivity and advanced customer satisfaction. In this context, it would be relevant to mention that more than 70% enterprises across the globe are facing troubles with frequent changes in KYC status. Belrium’s ‘first KYC complaint blockchain’ feature, in this scenario, positions itself ahead than that of its competitors.
2. Hybrid Ecosystem
Lack of adoption and support from traditional financial system is one of the major obstacles that end-users experience while using bitcoin. Driven by the commitment to help users overcome this difficulty, Belrium blockchain integrates both centralized and decentralized exchange features. Owing to this hybrid model, users experience error-free transaction and top-notch usability that not many competitors can offer. 
3. Belrium ICO is Real
Since the swift advent of cryptocurrency, one may come across propositions concerning newer initial coin offerings (ICOs). A little bit of cross checking would reveal that many of these ICOs are still at the level of ideation and there is no guarantee of their materialization. Belrium ICO is not an idea. BET or Belfrics Exchange Tokens are already been issued during the company’s ICO, which is set to end on October 8, 2017. 
4. One of the Fastest Growing in Asia and Africa
The cryptocurrency market is gradually heading towards saturation in the North American and European markets. One of the major drivers of the market has been freedom from traditional banking system that compels users to open and maintain a bank account. The underdeveloped banking system in Asia and African market, in contrast, significantly higher growth opportunities to cryptocurrency trading platforms. While a lot of cryptocurrency exchange companies focus on more saturated Western market, the effort to popularize Belrium in Asia and Africa clearly distinguishes it from other competing counterparts. Owing to such vision, Belrium blockchain adoption witnesses higher growth rate than other competing solutions already in the market. 
5. SWIFT KYC Registration Simplified
Since the inception of SWIFT KYC Registry by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) in 2014, baking institutions that rely on KYC process, are facilitated; whereas, other forms of businesses or enterprises that also use KYC process are not permitted to use the SWIFT KYC Registry. Belrium, the first KYC compliant blockchain, uses DPOS algorithm at its core. This algorithm helps in the creation of smart contracts that enables Belrium to control mining node and thereby, simplify the complex process of KYC compliance. Belrium’s unique architecture makes its suitable for most of the KYC systems, currently in existence and therefore, emerges as an automatic choice for all kinds of businesses.
From the features we’ve discussed above, it’s evident that Belrium blockchain has been designed keeping in mind the unmet needs of customers and end-users. Owing to these features, Belrium blockchain will not only drive growth but also will maintain its competitive leadership in Asian and African markets.

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