Sony approves first Ethereum based PlayStation 4 game

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Sony approves first Ethereum based PlayStation 4 game

A video game based on blockchain called Plague Hunters has been given the green light by Sony, the Japanese tech giant. The game will be available on the PlayStation 4 soon. It is an Ethereum based game and will be the first of its kind to have gone through Sony’s strict path to approval.

This game is the sequel to Plague Road, the successful video game developed by Arcade Distillery. Arcade Distillery will launch this game in the first quarter of next year.

This game will be free to play but will offer players the opportunity to make in-game purchases of very items. To facilitate this, the game will have a built-in peer-to-peer marketplace and this will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain. The marketplace can be utilised to exchange items with one another. In-game items will be non-fungible tokens.

In spite of being built on the Ethereum blockchain, Plague Hunter will not have any blockchain-based gameplay. The gameplay has been made specifically for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Arcade Distillery has included exploring options which can be used to launch the game for Xbox One and smartphones.

The gameplay will be just like non-blockchain games but people who play in this game’s ecosystem will have complete ownership of each item they receive, collect, buy or exchange. Basing a video game on a blockchain is a new method to expose people to cryptocurrency. It is also a way to entice cryptocurrency enthusiasts into blockchain gaming.

Plague Hunter isn’t the only game that involves blockchain that is going to be released. Gods Unchained, a card game backed by Coinbase released its gameplay trailer. It is inspired by games like Magic: the Gathering and Hearthstone and will have blockchain-based assets.

Gods Unchained will soon move into private beta in order to stress test the game. Soon, the game’s open beta will be launched followed by a full release.

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