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6 Ways You Can Generate Free Bitcoins

By July 15, 2017 No Comments

Bitcoin has been in the news quite a lot lately and for all the right reasons. The price of Bitcoin reached it’s all time high and is now even more valuable than gold. Created by a person or group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, this cryptocurrency is piquing the interest of people from all fields.
You want to get in the game too but don’t want to invest your life’s savings into it yet? There’s a solution to that. Get Bitcoins for free! How, you ask? Read on!
1) Mining
Mining used to be the only way to get Bitcoins initially. Bitcoin mining was relatively simple in the beginning as the difficulty of solving the mathematical problem that released Bitcoins was low. As more miners joined in and more Bitcoins were mined, the difficulty got higher. Now, it is not possible to mine for Bitcoins from your personal computer. High-tech computers are necessary and it consumes a lot of power and requires ventilation. The overhead costs of mining have become so high that the rewards received through mining were enough to cover the costs. It was not profitable anymore. Then came mining pools. Miners got together and shared their resources to mine and split the reward from it.
Mining is difficult unless you know how and even then it requires a lot of initial set-up. It is a costly and time-consuming process which may not be worth the effort, unless you are curious and want to know how it works. There are many forums and communities where you can connect with others and learn more about the Bitcoin mining.
2) Completing Tasks
You can get free Bitcoins by completing tasks in some websites. Some require you to watch ads or to spend some time on the website. Others have a variety of tasks you can choose from, like taking a survey, downloading an app, among other things. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet to get started. The return on investment may be limited but it is something you can try if you have some time to spare. Cointasker and Bitcoinget are websites you can get Bitcoins for completing tasks.
3) Register with Belfrics
Belfrics is a Bitcoin service provider that offers services like setting up your secure Bitcoin wallet and trading with Bitcoins. They also provide regular updates about fluctuations in the Bitcoin market. The most advantageous way to get free Bitcoins is to sign up with Belfrics. Register now and win 10,000 Satoshis to start your journey into the world of Bitcoins.
4) Recommend Belfrics to a friend
Belfrics gives you a bonus of free Bitcoins every time you refer your friends to them. Sign up and start referring your friends now to increase your Bitcoin wallet.
5) Bitcoin Faucets
Another easy way to earn Bitcoins is through Bitcoin faucets. These are websites that give away free Bitcoins periodically. It may not be a significant amount but it’s something to start with. Easybitcoinfaucet and claimbtc gives you free Bitcoins every 10 minutes and 20 minutes once you sign up.
6) Games
What better way to earn than when it’s the result of having fun? There are games available in the play store that give away Bitcoins for playing their game. All you need is a Bitcoin wallet. Download the game, enter your Bitcoin wallet address and start playing to earn free Bitcoins. There is a certain number of Bitcoins you need to win before you can withdraw it.
Blockchain game is one such game where you have to stack blockchains to gain rewards. It’s simple and easy to understand and addictive as well.
Bitcoin popper is another game that rewards you with Bitcoins. All you have to do is burst the highlighted bubbles within the given time. It’s as straightforward as it gets.
Start collecting your free Bitcoins now and get trading! You don’t want to miss out on currency more valuable than gold!

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