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It is safe to say that Bitcoins is the latest form of currency that hasn’t reached the mainstream market. So what is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that has made a significant impact on the global economic market, with its easy and safe transactions and its supporting blockchain technology.
With the evolution of blockchain technology and the constantly increasing popularity of Bitcoins, Belfrics has created a domain for buying and selling of Bitcoins for traders around the world. Futuristic thinking and prediction of the surge in usage of bitcoins by the people has led Belfrics to come up with different methods and modes of transactions.
From the merchant’s point of view, buying and selling through Bitcoins is inconvenient as it is based solely on digitalised transactions and direct money transfer options are unavailable. Accordingly taking this into considerations, Belfrics offers a Point of Sales (POS) payment option which accepts Bitcoin payments directly or allows them to sell the bitcoins to the customers. Bitcoins are a surprisingly convenient way of accepting electronic payments for your goods and services by both the merchant and the buyer.
Similar to card transactions, the POS payment system enables the buyer and the merchant to make over-the-counter transactions. The transaction fee is relatively cheaper when paying through Bitcoin as compared to the exorbitant fee demanded by larger banks.
Accepting Bitcoins and making transactions through the POS system is also much safer and more reliable than credit cards and other electronic payments as they are capable of hosting cashbacks and other kinds of fraudulent activity. However, Bitcoin transactions are self-secured as they are exactly like hand-to-hand transactions with cash payments and once the amount is transferred, it is solely in your possession.
Though everything sounds intricate and complex, making a transaction is as simple and convenient as making an over-the-counter purchase. The Belfrics POS payment system enables you to make transactions directly from your profile and ensures fast and reliable transactions based on the value for the price, vendor name, order reference and a description.
The POS mode of transactions is gradually becoming prominent among Bitcoin traders, merchants and sellers in the world of high grade developments in the economic market. With the growing surge of digital currency, Bitcoin POS transactions are the most reliable choice.

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