One cryptocurrency that has seen a drastic increase in value since its inception in 2009 is Bitcoin. It has gone through a journey with lots of ups and downs and managed to be the top performing currency in six of the seven years it has been in circulation. It is predicted to continue doing will never let you go well if the current trend continues. Bitcoin has gone through significant milestones in the last 8 years that makes it what it is today.
2009: Bitcoin was born
Created by a person or a group of people under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to come into existence. It’s value at the time of its creation was 0.00125 cent per bitcoin. Bitcoins were stored in bitcoin wallets where it remained secured and unfreezable until it was used for transactions.
2010: Value grew by 64x
Within a year of its inception, bitcoin’s popularity soared. The fact that it is decentralised and immune to inflation contributed to its growing popularity and its value grew by 64 times in a year to $0.08 per bitcoin. The first bitcoin transaction was also made this year on May 22nd by a person who decided to sell his bitcoin in exchange for pizza.
2013: Bitcoin’s value crossed $1,000
This was the year investors began paying attention to this cryptocurrency. This led bitcoin’s value to cross $1,000 for the first time on Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange since it was created. It went on to surpass the price of gold as well in that year. While there was a surge in the price of bitcoins, it was also very volatile. The average value was about $450 per Bitcoin.
2017: Crossed the price of gold and reached its highest value
In spite of all the ups and downs this currency saw over the years, bitcoin continues to appreciate in its value. It surpassed the value of gold in March. It also traded at an all time high on the 6th of June at $2900.  There has been increased talks about this cryptocurrency in various industries and it is increasingly being accepted in many countries. Bitcoin has been made legal in Japan from April 1st.
2030: Bitcoin is predicted to be worth half a million dollars
According to Jeremy Liew, the first investor in Snapchat, and Blockchain CEO and cofounder Peter Smith, bitcoin hasn’t yet reached its full potential. In a presentation shared with Business Insider, they outlined a case that Bitcoin is expected to be worth $500,000 by 2030 if the current trend continues.
Bitcoin trading has been around for as long as bitcoin has been around. Investing in bitcoins could be profitable if the trends turn out to be true. To trade in bitcoins, you need to register with a bitcoin exchange. There are various aspects you should consider before choosing a bitcoin exchange. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before registering with a Bitcoin exchange. However, there are a lot of factors which could affect the value of bitcoins. Do your research and invest wisely.

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