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Bitcoin to Aid Zimbabwean Women Farmers

By June 28, 2017 No Comments

The financial crisis in African countries has been bad for the economy. The Zimbabwean dollar fell and people turned to other currencies namely the U.S Dollar. However, there are other policies and restrictions by the government that makes life difficult. That’s when people turned to the digital currency, Bitcoin.
BitMari, a Bitcoin start-up, began their program called ‘Women Farmers Accelerator’. They aspired to improve farming productivity and also to create awareness about Bitcoin as a mode of payment.
According to, “…digital payments are now considered the norm in many African countries with 43 percent of Kenya’s GDP cycled through M-Pesa, the mobile phone-based money transfer service. Reportedly 80 percent of mobile phone users in Kenya used this service in 2014 to carry out their banking.”
Zimbabwe has high mobile penetration as well. This aids in maintaining a Bitcoin wallet and in making Bitcoin transactions.
How the program works is that, 10 women are chosen from different provinces and each of them are given Bitcoins worth $255 which they may use to exchange/pay for goods. They are given one year to repay the amount and those who successfully complete the program nominate the next women into the program.
Bitcoin has been making an impact across the world since it was introduced and even more so in the recent years. Helping empower women is just one aspect of it. Be a part of this financial revolution and being investing in this “digital gold”. To begin trading and making transactions with Bitcoins, you will need to register with a Bitcoin exchange. Belfrics is one of the most trusted Bitcoin exchanges across the globe. They offer a secure Bitcoin wallet with 2 step authentication process for your safety. They provide 24/7 assistance and are beginner friendly.
Do your part in making a difference. Adopt Bitcoin.

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