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Cryptocurrency Ripple Exchange Market

Ripple is distributing its digital currency for free to make people use it

Bitcoin Cash is close to its first birthday – has it been a success?

Who is Litecoin Founder ?

Will the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia have an impact on Bitcoin’s Price?

Who is Vitalik Buterin & how did he create Ethereum?

What is a Crypto Wallet?

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash – What differentiates one from the other?

Research Paper Concludes Bitcoin “Generally Permissible” Under Shariah Law

What is Special About Ethereum?

How Ripple Targets To Revolutionize the Banking Sector

Top 5 Famous People in Bitcoins You Need to Know About

All You Need to Know About Starting a Bitcoin Exchange

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Cryptocurrency Ripple Exchange Market

Ripple is distributing its digital currency for free to make people use it

XRP is currently the third most valuable digital currency by market capitalization behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ripple, a virtual currency company working out of San Francisco, has a majorit

Bitcoin Cash is close to its first birthday – has it been a success?

Bitcoin Cash is nearing its first birthday and it’s been some first year. Bitcoin Cash has gone as high as $3,800, achieved a multi-billion dollar valuation and become the fourth largest vir...

Who is Litecoin Founder ?

If you were to ask anybody about the world of cryptocurrency, they would immediately mention Bitcoin. To many, Bitcoin encapsulates the world of cryptocurrency. Others will also mention Ethe...

Will the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia have an impact on Bitcoin’s Price?

The FIFA World Cup is in Russia this year and we are days away from the inaugural match of the much awaited centre piece of world football. The odd question many seem to be asking in the bui...

Who is Vitalik Buterin & how did he create Ethereum?

“Whereas most technologies tend to automate workers on the periphery doing menial tasks, blockchains automate away the center. Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain put...

What is a Crypto Wallet?

Cryptocurrencies, just like money, need to be securely stored. Cryptocurrencies are stored in Crypto wallets, similar to the way money is stored in a physical wallet. The coins are not store

Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash – What differentiates one from the other?

Not long ago, in a galaxy not too far away, some intellectuals invented Bitcoin. At the start, only some people were interested in Bitcoin, but soon others came to terms with its potential. ...

Research Paper Concludes Bitcoin “Generally Permissible” Under Shariah Law

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of the world because they vary from the traditional financial systems we use today. A subject of specific interest among the gene

What is Special About Ethereum?

Cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of investors and traders in the past few years. And its major credit arguably goes to the popularity of Bitcoins who valuation has increased exponentially i...

How Ripple Targets To Revolutionize the Banking Sector

With financial transactions becoming a technological process in many countries, we can’t even wait for a second to transfer money from one point to another. But the old school digital bankin...

Top 5 Famous People in Bitcoins You Need to Know About

Bitcoin is on a free run since its inception and despite so many controversies, the buzz around this incredible Cryptocurrency has only increased in the past few years. Its valuation has bol...

All You Need to Know About Starting a Bitcoin Exchange

A bitcoin exchange can be termed as an encrypted online marketplace where an individual or trader can buy or sell bitcoins via fiat currency and altcoins among others. It acts as a highly se...

How Blockchain could help us take back control of our privacy

The Cambridge Analytica scandal poses some serious questions about the integrity of democracies in the information age. From Trump to Brexit, the dirty tricks apparently offered by CA’s top ...

Belfrics To Establish Blockchain Centre in Vizag After Signing MoU with Government of AP

Belfrics has signed an exclusive MoU with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. With this MoU, we will develop blockchain-based solutions aimed at helping the government run it’s day-to-day affa...

How Private is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a sensation that has taken the world by storm. Ever since the meteoric rise in the valuations of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency has caught the imagination of every investor. Trust...

How Blockchain could have stopped Nirav Modi and the PNB Fraud

Be it news channels, social media or newspapers, currently all sources to reach masses are filled with news of how Nirav Modi duped the Punjab National Bank and Indian Economy. It is all abo...

Belfrics signs MOU with Government of Andhra Pradesh

Belfrics has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to help the state machinery as well as private entities implement blockchain across state and business...

How Bitcoin Stacks Up Against Real Estate

Shrinking natural resources, drastic socio-political changes, increasing radicalization, and sky-high inflation in some regions around the world, are some of the many factors that are pushin...

Unsure About When to Buy Bitcoins? Read This

If you are following the news, you must be aware of the dream run that Bitcoin is having of late. The recent surge in Bitcoin price is an irresistible temptation for investors, who want to b

5 Movies Every Bitcoin traders Must Watch

The world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which started its journey in 2009, has garnered a tremendous amount of public attention in a surprisingly short period of time. And why not?

Tips To Avoid Getting Scammed When Trading in Bitcoins

Internet scams are nothing new. There have been several instances of cyber scams in the past that have cost both individuals and businesses massive amounts of money. In this day and age of d

5 Bitcoin Myths You Shouldn’t Fall For

If there’s one thing in the FinTech space that has currently seized the attention of entrepreneurs, investors, and governments around the world more than anything else, it is Bitcoin. It has...

8 Risks That Bitcoin Holders Can Avoid

With Bitcoin racing from 1000 dollars to 18000 dollars in less than 12 months, it is understandable that investing in Bitcoin is probably the most lucrative venture right now. Almost every d

6 Ways Bitcoin is Changing the Global Economy

The term “Bitcoin” is surfacing so much in various forms of media that it’s difficult not to come across it even once. Since its humble start in 2009, the digital currency has steadily worke

How the Bitcoin Landscape is Shaping Up in 2018?

Google announced the term “Bitcoin” to be one of the most trending searches in 2017 — a proof that it has piqued the interests of a majority of global population who took to Google to find o...

Bitcoin Mining Vs. Bitcoin Buying: Which is Better?

Bitcoin Mining Vs. Bitcoin Buying: Which is Better? Today, there is no debate about which is the world’s most accepted cryptocurrency. It is Bitcoin. With the phenomenal emergence of Bitc

5 Things You Should Know Before Investing In Bitcoins

2017 started and ended with a bang for Bitcoin, as its price raced through the $1000 mark without showing any signs of slowing down. Despite this, many are still unaware of what Bitcoin real...

Top 5 USPs of BT18

BT18 is the cryptocurrency exchange platform of Belfrics — a global Bitcoin exchange platform and digital wallet that offers users the convenience to securely buy, sell, and trade Bitcoins a...

How to Safeguard Your Bitcoins from Hackers?

Any online transaction entails its own share of security risks and the cryptocurrency exchange platform is no exception. Incidents of hacking abound of bitcoin trading companies, two of whic

Here are the top five reasons to trade with Belfrics

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchange platforms, you may be spoilt for choice, as a plethora of bitcoin trading platforms abound. As if the complexity around cryptocurrency trading were n

Demystifying the Myth That Is Satoshi

Many call this entity the “most enigmatic billionaire” of the modern day world. Known as the inventor of the bitcoin protocol, Satoshi Nakamoto is the name of this enigma. His/their/her bitc...
What's Making Us the Fastest Growing Bitcoin Exchange in Asia and Africa?

What’s Making Us the Fastest Growing Bitcoin Exchange in Asia and Africa?

The early years of Bitcoin boom took developed economies (Europe and the United States of America) by a storm. While the rest of the world had little or no knowledge about cryptocurrencies, ...
FinTech Trends This Year

5 Biggest FinTech Trends This Year

Quick shifts in regulatory parameters and governments’ less-than-proactive approach, traditionally, separated innovative financial technologies (FinTech) and traditional financial services.
A Stack Of Key Advantages That Sets Belrium Apart

A Stack of Key Advantages That Sets Belrium Apart

Belrium, the first KYC compliant blockchain, is an integral part of the Belfrics ecosystem, which is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchange and blockchain development companies i

How Is Bitcoin Empowering the Common Man?

Protection of assets is one of the major areas of concern for citizens across the globe. The escalating number of financial fraud cases — caused due to identity theft, firewall breaching, an...

Bitcoin and Beyond: The Future of Bitcoins

Since acknowledged formally as “proper currency” in 2010, owing to its acceptance by merchants, such as Expedia, WordPress and Microsoft, Bitcoin has come a long way. In the past one year, v...

Here’s How You Can Protect Your Bitcoins

Bitcoins — though are a lot safer than traditional banking firewalls and other security protocols that digital transactions comply with — are not entirely fool-proof. Looking back, one can c...

How to Choose the Right Bitcoin Service Provider

A bitcoin service provider, also known as bitcoin currency exchange, is a business that allows traders to trade bitcoin for other assets, such as traditional fiat currencies or other types o...

Is Bitcoin the Way Forward or Is It a Passing Fad?

The gruelling debate continues as experts remain poles apart while reflecting over the future of bitcoin. Since its inception in 2009, bitcoin, the most recognized name in the cryptocurrency...

Is It Too Late To Invest In Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are widely portrayed as the dream destination for investors. Its sharp rise from $450 per unit in May, 2016 to $3000 per unit in May, 2017 would encourage potential investors to gai...

What are Bitcoin ATMs and How Do They Work?

A bitcoin ATM or kiosk visually resembles with traditional bank ATMs. However, instead of being connected with customers’ bank accounts, a bitcoin ATM functions as a system on the Internet t...

Why Do We Need a Decentralized Economy?

A decentralised economy, also known as horizontally-planned economy, is a system that delegates the power of financial decision making among different economic agents. A decentralised planni
6 Ways You Can Generate Free Bitcoins

6 Ways You Can Generate Free Bitcoins

Bitcoin has been in the news quite a lot lately and for all the right reasons. The price of Bitcoin reached it’s all time high and is now even more valuable than gold. Created by a person or
Traditional Investment Vs. Alternative Investment

Traditional Investment vs. Alternative Investment

Investing in assets is one way to maximize your savings. Investments are made with the expectation that it yields profits in the future. Traditional investments involve investing in well-kno

Bitcoin to promote autonomy for Afghan women

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has not only been a profitable investment for many but is also doing its part in giving back to the society as well. Bitcoins are helping empower women in countrie

Bitcoin: From inception to the future

One cryptocurrency that has seen a drastic increase in value since its inception in 2009 is Bitcoin. It has gone through a journey with lots of ups and downs and managed to be the top perfor
Bitcoin surges past $ 2800 and keeps going

Bitcoin surges past $ 2800 and keeps going

Since the end of April, bitcoin has been breaking all the records it set. Its value has tripled compared to that of last year, crossing the $2800 mark. Bitcoin has been the top performing cu

Belfrics Launches Its Services At Kenya

Kenya, with a GDP of $69.97 billion, is the 72nd largest economy in the world. It is perceived as Eastern and Central Africa’s hub for financial services. Kenya has been showing increased in

Types Of Bitcoin Wallets

Just like how you need a physical wallet to store your currency, you need a bitcoin wallet to send, receive and store the bitcoins. There are different kinds of bitcoin wallets out there. De

The good, the better, and the best of Bitcoin

What started as a FinTech revolution has now become a household term. Bitcoin is not only the talk among investors and traders but is also increasingly used by people from different industri...

Bitcoin to Aid Zimbabwean Women Farmers

The financial crisis in African countries has been bad for the economy. The Zimbabwean dollar fell and people turned to other currencies namely the U.S Dollar. However, there are other polic

Places you didn’t know Bitcoins are accepted?

There will soon be a time when people walk into any store, make purchases and pay in Bitcoins. More and more people are accepting this digital currency as a form of payment. Here’s a compreh

Reasons Why Bitcoin’s Price Surged Over Gold

Bitcoin is now making history. On the 3rd of March (Friday), 2017, the price of Bitcoin exceeded the value of one ounce of gold. Bitcoin reached it’s highest value ever at $1293 while an o...

Best 5 Bitcoin Exchanges Worldwide

Bitcoin market is growing and increasing number of people are turning to Bitcoin as the next big investment. However, appropriate research must be done prior to choosing a Bitcoin exchange t...
Best Global Bitcoin Exchange India Singapore Kenya

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Bitcoin Exchange?

With the Bitcoin market on the rise, investing in Bitcoins is a profitable decision. With that decision made, how do you choose which Bitcoin exchange to trade with? Apart from the obvious a

Belfrics Point of Sale

It is safe to say that Bitcoins is the latest form of currency that hasn't reached the mainstream market. So what is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that has made a signifi...

India: A digital currency hub in 2017?

Cashless payment systems are booming in India. According to a Business Insider article, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said during Budget 2015 that the “cashless society will be a signi...

Will Bitcoins be the Most Popular Currency by 2020?

Predictions have surrounded crypto-currency right from its inception. All types of crypto-currency, especially Bitcoin has been under scrutiny by many financial predictors around the world....