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5 Movies Every Bitcoin traders Must Watch

By February 28, 2018 No Comments

The world’s most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, which started its journey in 2009, has garnered a tremendous amount of public attention in a surprisingly short period of time. And why not? After all, the leading cryptocurrency is, no doubt, an unprecedented disruptive force in the financial ecosystem today, redefining the rules of the game, and transforming the global economy like no other. Not to mention the phenomenal price surges the coin is witnessing in recent times.
Presently, one of the top trending topics on search engines, financial journals, and social media platforms, Bitcoin has not only seized the attention of investors, financial analysts, and governments, but has also piqued the interest of others as well, including filmmakers, who are using Bitcoin’s overwhelming popularity to narrate their side of the story.
Here, let’s take a look at 5 best Bitcoin movies that educate us about countries, people, the evolution of Bitcoin, and the blockchain technology.
1. “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”
“The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” unearths exciting details about the ‘making of Bitcoin’, and the events that transpired, long before today’s hottest cryptocurrency came into existence, or became mainstream. The film also highlights how Bitcoin is driving a massive socio-economic change world over, ever since it made headlines in 2009, till this day. The enlightening documentary captures the highs and lows of Bitcoin over the past nine years, its challenges, success, and the road forward.
2. “Life on Bitcoin”
Ever since Bitcoin came into being in the year 2009, naysayers have been relentlessly trying to undermine the utility of this cryptocurrency for reasons only known to them. To counter their claims, newlywed Becky and Austin decided to pay for everything in their everyday lives with Bitcoin for 100 days. The documentary “Life on Bitcoin” portrays the year 2013, when the adoption of Bitcoin, unlike these days, was fairly low. The challenges that Becky and Austin faced, were almost reciprocal to the challenges Bitcoin encountered in its early years of existence. “Life on Bitcoin” is a must-watch to know the hurdles Bitcoin stumbled upon time and again on its way to the top.
3. “Bitcoin in Argentina”
Those who are aware of the present economy of Argentina would definitely realize the unexplainable adversities the country is going through right now. One of the prime concerns that Argentina faces today is exceptionally high inflation rates. The country’s currency, Peso, has practically no value, it cannot be exchanged for other FIAT currencies such as dollars, and it can’t be used to buy gold. So how do Argentinians survive this difficult times? The film, “Bitcoin in Argentina”, depicts how the powerful cryptocurrency turns out to be a lifesaver.
4. “Bitcoin in Uganda”
“Bitcoin in Uganda”, similar to “Bitcoin in Argentina,” showcases the various utilities of Bitcoin, especially in countries like Uganda where the national currency isn’t performing well. The film follows the lead character Ronald, who receives Bitcoins transferred by his family settled in the US to pay for his education. “Bitcoin in Uganda” captures in an emotional way how several other Ugandans like Ronald are benefiting from Bitcoins, as the cryptocurrency successfully provides an alternative for traditional currency, as well as for cross-border money transfer agents like Western Union that charge high transaction fees.
5. “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It”
Finally, here’s the best of all, a classic, the winner among top 5 Bitcoin movies.
Filmed by serial media entrepreneur, Torsten Hoffmann, the award-winning “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” is a movie that you must watch. This hour-long documentary film explores why and how Bitcoin and Blockchain technology could disrupt and challenge traditional financial systems.
The film was released in December 2014, when Bitcoin was beginning to gain traction and mass popularity. In the film, Torsten and his crew members interview various people who dedicated many years of their lives to conceptualize and popularize an unconventional payment mode in the form of decentralized payment system. Overall, “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know It” played a significant role in generating widespread awareness about what Bitcoin is, and how the cryptocurrency works.
We, at Belfrics, are eager to know what you think about these movies. Also, feel free to let us know about any other movie that you think is worth adding to this list.

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