Belfrics FX & Crypto derivatives

Trade up to 50x leverage.
  • Auto trading for expert traders
  • Safe environment that fosters easy FX & Crypto derivatives trading
  • Easily trade many digital assets with minimal slippage
  • Capable of processing 1.4 Million orders/second

Simple and Intuitive Interface

  • Trade from the Web (WebTrader)
  • Trade from Android and iOS
  • SMS Notifications
  • Close All Positions on single click
  • Close by Hedge
  • Advanced Full System Interface
  • Technical Analysis
  • Enhanced Market Watch

Mobile Trading on iOS & Android

Our platform is optimised for mobile devices allowing you to create and manage positions on the go!

Our Features

New fields make the system even more valuable to traders. They include expiry date, open price, close price for future symbols..

The Net Trade Panel shows the net open positions with the details of each opened (Buy/Sell) Symbol

Improved technical analysis and options using Fibonacci, line studies, channels, drawings and symbols, and text. We’ve added more indicators, and chart usability is much more easier and more flexible.

When you join the Belfrics FX & Crypto derivatives user network, you will witness a different trading technology, your vision of Buy and Sell icons buttons will not remain the same..

Enhanced & Trusted Crypto derivative Trading Platform

Belfrics FX and Crypto derivative Trading Platform is a high-availability online trading system with an Up-Time percentage of more than 99.97% and in regards of security, Belfrics FX and Crypto derivate trading platform is a highly secured system on server level, Database level, Operating System level and system level

Latest News

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September 29, 2021

LifeClips acquires Belfrics Blockchain firm to enter crypto exchange industry

Belfrics Blockchain firms which offers crypto exchange and Blockchain solutions has operations in Bahrain as part of sandbox Life Clips, Inc. (LCLP) will acquire Belfrics Group (“Belfrics”), a global blockchain…
Press Articles
September 29, 2021

A tiny camera company has seen its stock spike more than 3,000% in just 2 days after announcing a pivot into crypto – and day traders are taking notice

Life Clips, Inc has skyrocketed roughly 3061% over the last two days after it announced a pivot into blockchain. The camera company said on Wednesday it will acquire Belfrics Group,…
Press Articles
September 20, 2021

Belfrics Group To Resume Crypto Operations In India With $15 Mn Investment

The digital asset-trading startup will invest $10 Mn for its crypto exchange business and $5 Mn for its blockchain platform Belrium in India Belfrics Group halted its operations related to…

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