Cryptocurrency Payments for the Global Marketplace

Make your business reach the world with blockchain, a technology that knows no borders. Accept payment through Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Store it, spend it or exchange it.


How does Belfrics' Payment Gateway work?

Mix and match products from Belfrics payment suite to solve for your exact business use case.

Accept cryptocurrency

Customers Pay in BTC or other digital currency

Easily integrate cryptocurrency payment functionality on your website and bring your business into the future, safely and at an affordable rate.

Securely store your funds

A free cryptocurrency wallet is provided for you

Belfrics’ wallet accumulates all of your virtual currency transactions in one very safe, easy-to-access place.

Exchange cryptocurrency

Withdraw payments in your local currency

Automatically exchange your digital assets for your local currency and withdraw using PayPal or wire transfer.


Empower your business with all the right tools to accept online payments and provide the best customer experience

Get Noticed

Accept payments in bitcoin and other virtual currencies and capture a fast-growing market of customers who are looking for places to spend their cryptocurrency.

Low Fees

Unlike processing credit cards, digital currency payments have minimal to no fees and this enables you to help your customers save more which gives you an edge on other competitors.

No chargebacks

All cryptocurrency transactions are protected by their corresponding blockchain network. This means you can receive payment from anywhere in the world without running the risk associated with fraud or chargebacks.

POS Applications

Set up a digital currency payment processor with ease in your physical retail store with the help of a tablet, POS device or mobile application.

Fast Payments

Within 10 minutes, cryptocurrency can be transferred from one end of the world to the other without limits, time delays or exorbitant fees.

No PCI compliance required

If you decide to accept cryptocurrency payments, all that is required of you is to secure your wallet and requests for payment. There is no need for exhaustive security checks, additional costs or PCI compliance regulations.

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